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SecuriBlok Wall Shielding for 5G Zoom

SecuriBlok Wall Shielding for 5G


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EMF protective wallpaper specially designed for shielding against 5G frequencies. Provides 120 dB shielding at 1 GHz and over 60dB from 26 -76GHz

This item drop ships from the United Kingdom.  If you would like to order this product, please contact us at 918-274-1033 to check item availability and shipping costs.

  • Nickel based fine shielding fabric, metallic conductive surface
  • Highest shielding properties for electromagnetic fields
  • Provides from between 60dB to 120dB over the proposed range of 5G frequencies
  • Strong and durable
  • Earthing required


Technical data:

Length/Width: 25,00 m/1,10 m

Weight: 100 g/sqm

Surface Resistance: < 0,01 S/sqcm

Shipped by the roll


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