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LeBlok EMF Protective Maternity Top - (Gray)

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Leblok EMF Protective Clothing

Exclusive LeBlok maternity top offering the highest Electromagnetic Protection

With LeBlok’s stylish, adjustable maternity top, help shield your baby from damaging electromagnetic radiation like cell phones, Wi-Fi, cell towers and more - all with a beautifully finished maternity blouse for mom made from extremely high shielding material.

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Help defend your unborn child from the dangers of man-made non-ionizing radiation.  Material is made from 60% Silver, and 40% Polyester with an EMF shielding of over 60dB (99.9999%) @ 1GHz.


Although our LeBlok Maternity Top should fit right through the full term, for best sizing options consider purchasing your normal size for the early term, and another larger size for the later term.  Your normal size can then be worn after the pregnancy and the larger size kept for the next event!

Fabric EMF Protection Graph



10, 12, 14, 16 (other sizes to order)

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This item is on back-order. Please call us at 918-274-1033 to order.


Use only Specialized Laundry Soap for EMF Shielding Fabrics  (Other detergents MAY have a severe effect on shielding level.)



EMF Shielding Materials, and LeBlok products are designed to provide shielding against EMR. However there can be many environmental and human factors affecting the effectiveness of this product. EMF Shielding Materials, and LeBlok specifically disclaim any and all responsibility for any adverse health effects or any other adverse outcome that may occur whilst using our products, or any effects that may occur, eventuate, manifest or transpire at any time subsequently. Customers should satisfy themselves that the product is suitable and fit for their own particular situation before purchasing.


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